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Laos is a country as yet untouched by the modern
demands, stress and peace of life.Its beauty lies
in the Lao people, century-old traditions ans heritage,
ands its lush, pristine landscape.
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Khonephapheng Waterfall recorded as the world largest
Do you know ! Khonephapheng Waterfall in Khong District of Champasack Province has been recorded as the world largest waterfall, www.worldwaterfalldatabase.com


Boun Khao Salak Ancestor Festival Day
Date: 16th September 2016
Venue: Nationwide

Boun Khao Padabdin (Rice Growing Festival) and Boat Racing Festival in Luang Prabang Province
Date: 1st September 2016
Venue: Nationwide and Luang Prabang Province


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