Location: Khammouane Province.

Area: 3,710 sq. km

Ecotourism activities available: None

Key species: three of the last five large mammals to be discovered or rediscovered world-wide occured in Nakai. The most distinct of these remarkable discoveries is the Saola. Other newly discovered species are a small dark muntjac and Giant Muntjac. The Indochinese warty pig was recently rediscovered in 1997 after being considered extinct. At least nine species of primates occur including pygmy loris, douc langur, Francois’langur and white-cheeked gibbon.

Habitat: there is a complex range of habitats in the protected area which include evergreen forest, montanefagaceous forest, cloud forest, riverine forest and everwet forest'. Dominant geographic features are the SayPhouLouang (Annamite) Mountains with in the NPA running NW-SE dissected by NE-SW oriented river valleys forming the bulk of the NPA.

As these rivers emerge through gorges in the Dividing Hills onto the Nakai Plateau, the five main rivers (Nam Sot, Nam Mon, Nam Theun, Nam Noy and Nam One) widen and meander, creating rich riverine forest habitat. The Dividing Hills are a NW-SE oriented range up to 1,000 m in height that separate the Nakai Plateau from the northern and central mountain area. The Nam Theun leaves the plateau at its north western end, turns to the west and eventually joins the Mekong River as the Nam Kading. Elevations in the NPA range from 500 - 2,200 m, 500 - 580 m on the Nakai Plateau, 600 -1,100 m in the Dividing Hills, and 600 - 2,200 m in the central and southern mountains

Access: there is only one main road which enters the heart of the NPA, and it is via Route 8B (around Ban Kengdaeng, Khamkeut District) to Ban Thamuang (on the Nam Sot) to Ban Navang (on the Nam Mon). The Nakai Plateau can also be accessed from Thakek via Route 12 and then Route 8 B to Nakai District Town and the Nakai Plateau.


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