1st Lao Coffee Festival
Date: 24-26 October 2014
Venue: Pakse, Champasack

- In Reference to the Approval No.076/ຫຄ-ສພຄ on January 13, 2013 of the Minitstry and Commerce Authorizing the Organization of the Lao Coffee Festival.
- In Reference to the Agreement No.686/ຈຂ,ຈສ on April 02, 2014 of the Champasack Province Governor Appointing the Organization Committee responsible of the first Lao Coffee Festival Event.
- In Reference to the Article No.190/ລບ on June 09, 2014 of the Lao Prime Minister on the Promulgation of the National Strategy for Promotion of Lao Coffee till 2025.

Lao Coffee in the past and present development
Arabica coffee was first introduced in Lao around 1920 under the French rule on the Bolaven Plateau covering 03 districts: Paksong, Laongarm and Thataeng. After the World War II, Robusta was introduced and progressively developed.

In the 1990s, an up-land development project introduced the plantation of a new Arabica variety. From then, the coffee plant-able areas cover around 80,000 hectares countrywide. Today the total production is around 30,000 tons (2013/2014).

This total volume of production is exported worldwide and is a meaningful contribution to the socio-economic development of the country. The value amounts around 70 million US dollars.

This tremendous development of the Lao Coffee sector has been monitored by the institutions like the Lao Coffee Association, it  groups the producers, the traders and the processors and is on duty as per the Lao Prime Minister Decree No.115 Dated 24/04/2009.

The event motivations
- Disseminate the content of the National Strategy for Promotion of Lao Coffee (Lao Prime Minister Decree No. 190 Dated 09/06/2014) which is as follows: increase the volume of production, raise the level of quality, promote the notoriety, preserve the bolaven plateau for coffee cultivation, improve the coffee business environment and strengthen the capacity of the Lao sector institutions.
- Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Lao Coffee Association Foundation (1994-2014).
- Celebrate the beginning of the coffee harvest season.

The event objectives
- Promote Lao coffee unique features to the Lao domestic and foreign markets. Make the Bolaven Plateau, encircling the soil of the three provinces: Champasack, Salavanh & Sekong, to be known as a single protected production origin.
- Create an opportunity for Lao People and general public to better know the whereabouts of Lao coffee.
- Set up a forum for dialogue and exchange of information on the world coffee market situation between the Lao and foreign coffee professional stakeholders.
- Set up a meeting point of coffee experts for exchange of information and experience on the coffee different development policies of Laos and other countries.
- Link coffee and tourism industries in emphasizing the interest for coffee products and its producing region to the Lao and foreign tourists.

Target groups to attend the festival activities
- Government administrations officials and civil servants.
- Members of the Lao Coffee Association and all coffee sector stakeholders.
- International organizations, being development partners of the Lao coffee sector.
- Financial institutions and banks connected to Lao Coffee business.
- Foreign guests and delegates.
- Domestic and foreign entrepreneurs involved in coffee shop business.
- Coffee processing equipment (raw and roasted coffee), machineries, and materials dealers.
- Hotels, guesthouses, restaurant and other non-coffee business.
- Domestic and foreign tourists.
- Students from all educational institutions.

Festival Activities
- Exhibition: Lao coffee products most known brands from members of LCA and all other coffee value chain domestic and foreign stakeholders.
- Seminars: Topics on production background of Lao coffee, present state of the world coffee trade, trends in price, production and consumption. Opportunities and challenges for the coffee business.
- Coffee tasting experience accessible to all visitors attending the festival.
- Field trip: to the birth place of Lao coffee, the Bolaven Plateau, and the main production sites.

Support and sponsored to be by:
- International organizations partners to Lao coffee development.
- All coffee professionals members of coffee groups & associations.
- All other Lao & foreign companies and institutions.

Organized by:
• The Lao Coffee Association and all Lao Coffee Value Chain Stakeholders.
• The Authorities of the 04 Southern Province: Champasack, Salavanh, Sekong and Attapeu.
• The Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
• The Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the 04 Southern Provinces.
• The Departments of Industry and Commerce of the 04 Southern Provinces.
• The Departments of Agriculture and Forestry of the 04 Southern Provinces.


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