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Tad Kwang Si Waterfall
Situated 25km south of Luang Prabang, Kwang Si Waterfall makes for an excellent day trip. Accessible by tuk-tuk, minivan, motorcycle or bicycle. The 650 feet high waterfall is at its most picturesque during the wet season however it can be visited year-round. Children aren't recommended to climb to the top of the waterfall, but they can swim in the various pools at the bottom. There are many small restaurant available to serve you and the Kwang Si Waterfall area is good for a picnic. On the road out to Kwang Si Waterfall, there are a number of villages housing traditional hydro-rice mills.
Tad Sae Waterfall
Located 15km southeast of Luang Prabang, the falls can easily be reached by tuk-tuk, minivan, motorcycle. The picturesque journey allows visitors to admire the countryside, while the falls themselves are small but impressive. It is not unusual for visitors to have the falls to themselves. Swimming is possible in some of the tiered pools and at the base of the falls. The best time to visit is from June to October and during other months you also can do some activities such: picnic, elephant riding, trekking and etc. For more details of the trip you can visit local tour company/agencies which are available in town.
  Hoy Khua waterfall (100 Families Waterfall)
Hoy Khua waterfall is located in the west of Comphet district. It is the village called Paklueng. The height of waterfall is about 30m. There used to be around 100 families living in this village. That is why, it is called “100 families waterfall”. The abundance of water remains throughout the year. There is a swimming area for visitors to enjoy.


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