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Tad Xay (Xay Waterfall)
Cascading over seven steps, Tad Xay is arguably the most beautiful waterfall in the Phou Khao Khouay NPA. It is particularly attractive during the rainy season, and can be easily reached by a nice boat and trekking tour from Ban Had khai village, near Tad Leuk in Thaphabath District.
Tad Leuk (Leuk Waterfall)
From Wat Phabath 16km and 20km in from the South 13 Road in Thaphabath District. Located in Phou Khao Khouay NPA, This beautiful waterfall is the most accessible attraction in the park and ideal for relaxing, swimming, camping and trekking, Tad Luek had a Visitor Center and a "Nature Trail".
Tad Yong (Yong Rapids)
This fantastic rapids along the Yong River is located in Thaphabath District; near Tad Leuk, from Vientiane Capital 99 km to the south and turn left to Phou Khao Khouay NPA 5,4 km, turn left 2,6 km to Yangkheua Village, and take a boat 20 minutes (5,5 km). See views along the Yong River, picnic at the rapids and tourists can swim and trek. This attraction can be easily reached, and is suitable for a one day tour.
Tad Heua Hak (Heua Hak Rapids and Waterfalls)
Located in Xaisavang Village in Paksan District, there are many waterfalls and rapids surrounded by green nature. Its name means "wrecked boat" which comes from a local tale. Located in 15 Km on South 13 Road from Paksan Town.
Tad Nam Pa (Nam Pa Waterfall)
Traveling by boat starting from a nice sandy beach on the bank of Ban Nam Pa, a fairly typical Lao Village, you will see the exciting nature view of Tad Nam Pa Waterfall. Ban Nam Pa is just 25 minutes drive from Paksan on the Route 4B in Paksan Town. The village also has handicraft products made by local people.
Tad Thone Waterfall
This significant waterfall in Nam Kading NPA is located in Naphong Village, Pakkading District; trek 7km start at Naphong Elephant Rock. Suitable for 2 days tour, tourists can choose either trekking tour and camping overnight or taking home-stay in the village and start trek in the morning, it takes 3 hours to reach the waterfall and the last 1 kilometer is quite steep.
Tad Kaih Waterfall
The waterfall of Nam Mang River is closed to the Route 8, Thabak Village 'Nongkok' Region, 37km from Khamkeuth District.