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Tad Namsanam & Tad Mouang Tad Nam Sanam Waterfall
This large twin waterfall cascading off the sandstone massif of Phou Phaman Mountain. It flows all year round and is surrounded by a Provincial Protected Area with pristine tropical forest. The path from the road follows the river for about 1.5km through semi-evergreen forest and ends at the falls. This waterfall is easily accessible by walking from Khoun Kham Village (also known as Ban Nahin) on Route 8 and it is 182km from Thakhaek.
Tad Mouang Waterfall
This waterfall has a total of eighteen tiers and flows all year round. The first, or lowest, tier is accessible by walking 1km from Route 8 near Khoun Kham Village (Ban Nahin). The walking trail goes through beautiful old forest and is part of the trail network surrounding Tad Nam Sanam. The other tiers are reached by climbing up a path along the ridge to the right hand side of the falls. There are some large trees along this trail including many wild species of mango tree, thus giving its name, "Mango Waterfall" (mouang means mango in Lao).
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