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Tad Lo Waterfall
This beautiful waterfall is the primary tourist destination in Salavanh Province and is the jump off point for further adventures into this remote province. The waterfall offers a relaxing environment and a range of guest houses and resorts styled in traditional architecture. 
How to get there: Located 32km from Salavanh District, travel on the road No. 20 to Salavanh-Pakse District, Champasack Province, about 1 hrs and 30 min.....<<Read more.....>>
Tad Tevada Waterfall
Tad Tevada is located in Viengkham village, Salavanh District, Salavanh province, straight on the Road No. 20 from Salavanh to Pakse District in Champasack Province, far from Salavanh District 15 km at Phao village on the left handside and continue to 19 km, the fall is high 30 meters and wide 5 meters on the top of the hill crift, it is very bueatiful waterfall than other fall in Salavanh Province, they cover by green forest and animals, the area suitable for picnic, relax, adventure and study about nature, how about the road is quite dificult (dirt road) you sould use the car and motorbike better.....<<Read more.....>>
Tad Hung Waterfall
Imagine waking up, stepping outside your room, walking a few steps, and finding yourself  facing a 30-meter-wide, tree-lined waterfall crashing over a 10-meter, tiered-rock wall into a series of rapids before settling into a calmly flowing river. This vision turns into reality when staying in Tad Lo. A handful of guest houses and resorts on the Xe Set River just below Tad Hung offer exactly that, and for those staying in the Ban Senvang tourist enclave, a bridge spanning the Xe Set River offers a direct view of the falls and rapids that follow. And knowing that the more dramatic Tad Lo Waterfall is around 500 meters upriver beckons visitors to hike closer to Tad Hang and beyond.
How to get there: Located 32km from Salavanh District, travel on the road No. 20 to Salavanh - Pakse District, Champasack Province, using the time about 1 hrs and 30mn.....<<Read more.....>>
Tad Soung Waterfall
When many people think of a river’s direction, they assume it flows from north to south. However the Xe Set River originates in the Bolaven Plateau’s north and continues in the same direction to the highland’s edge before plummeting 90 meters off a totally vertical cliff at Tad Soung Waterfall.

Reaching the head of the falls is quite easy; a walk of less than 1 km from Saneum Nai leads to a set of natural stairs descending to Tad Soung. French colonials built a series of ladders along a similar route, but a rockslide destroyed them decades ago. 

Though much of the Xe Set’s volume is diverted into turbines to feed power to hydroelectric plants, Tad Soung remains quite spectacular, as does its dramatic yet relaxing perch. A pavilion used by locals sits near the Xe Set’s banks as the river eases down boulders into small pools before reaching a wide, flat rocky floor and Tad Soung’s precipitous edge.....<<Read more.....>>
Tad Maihia Waterfall
Located Ban Phokhem , Laongam  District, It is far from district about 30 km,  the route is  comfortable in the dry season  and  we can travel by motobike and Car.....<<Read more.....>>
Kengkou rapids

       One upon a time there was an old man named Kou, he had got a poor family he was a farmer, he made his house near the Sedone river and looking for food every day. While  he was looking for fish he was falling down to the sharp rock and died. So the people called this rapid as his name Kou until now aday Kengkou rapids locate in Kou village, Vapy district from the 15thA 4 km far. start service on 1995.


Tadsen water fall     

As the old people in the village said : In French colonial Nabone village have not named, so their house were desorganise. There was a man named Mr Sen (or is called ‘yaa’ is mean the leader or parents in ethnic language ) who has a bad magic power. On the year coming there were alot of people died with out cause and very strange, they believed Mr Sen killed them (local people believe )so  the villagers to gether took him to the water fall near the village then cut his neck near water fall so this waterfall named Tadsen until now a day. Start service on 1995 this river is from Tapoung stream located in Ban Nabon Laongam district from the main road 20th are 8 km far.



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