• Chomphet Trek (Phou Luang Tai): Explore Luang Prabang's rural life on this challenging two-day trek into the hills of Chompet district acroiss the Mekong River, and face difficult climbs on the way to green forests, views of Luang Prabang, farmers' fields, a cave and three ethnic groups: Hmong, Khamu and lowland Lao.
  • Kwang Si Waterfall Walk (Long Lao Trek): Take this great alternative walking route four to five hours to Kwang Si Waterfall, and trek to Hmong and Khamu villages, green forests and mountain tops before arriving at the falls. Village guides are available to enhance the experience by explaing the natural and cultural sites along the way.
  • Muang Ngoi Trek (Kiew Khan): Embark on a two-day trek from Ban Ngoi Kao on the Ou River and spend the night in a Khamu village guesthouse while experiencing the community's forest way of life.
  • Trekking & Hill Tribe Experience: This tour is part of the Luang Prabang community based tourism project "Fair Trek", supporting and sponsoring seven communities in the Trekking and Hiking area.
  • Elephant Ride & Trekking Combination: Outside of Luang Prabang the Elephant Park Project protects former working elephants and gives them a new home. On your visit you will experience a scenic elephant ride through forest and river landscapes. The afternoon you spend with a soft hiking tour to a small Khamu community. Both parts of the tour support the projects.
  • Trip to the roof of Nong Khiaw: This one day trip takes up to top of the highest mountain in Nong Kiaw. We follow an old trail local people have used for hunting, hiking up to the very top of the limestone cliffs. From there the breathtaking panorama of Nong Kiaw will unfold beneath you, leaving you speechless.
  • Luang Prabang Explorer: This tour takes you into forest and several villages of the most prominentethnic groups in Northern Laos: the Khmu and Hmong. The Khmu are also called "Laos Theung" and settle at a medium altitude, the latter, sometimes called "Laos Soung", live in high regions along the mountain ridges.
  • Luang Prabang Hill Tribe Villages: Northern Laos is home to many ethnic minorities such as Yuan, Hmong, Khmu and etc... This trip is short getaway from Luang Prabang, but enough to visit a good number of villages where the ethnic minorities inhabit. No other better way to experience local daily life!
  • Trek and Boat Trip in Nong Khiaw: Follow the small paths of hunters and farmers into the mountains and villages.
  • Pak Ou District Explorer: This tour takes you into several villages of the most prominent ethnic groups in Northern Laos: the Khmu and Hmong. The Khmu are also called "Laos Theung" and settle at a medium altitude, the later, sometimes called "Laos Soung", live in high regions along the mountain ridges. 
  • Pha Pon Golden Mountain Exploration: This trek is predominantly designed for moderately active people who love getting into the great outdoors. Spend two days trekking through dense forest, pass by minority villages and enjoy the Pha Pon Golden Mountain.
  • Xeuang River Insight: This trip is designed for those who are looking for a great paddling adventure in the limestone landscape northeast of Luang Prabang. The first day on the river will prepare you for mastering the swift rapids of the second day.
  • Ou River Explorer: This tour combines the spectacular landscape of the Nam Ou River with a visit to the renowned Pak Ou Caves and paddling on the mighty Mekong. A home stay at a Lao Loum fishing village offers you the unique opportunity to experience the local peoples' way of living.
  • Khan River Experience: For those who prefer a gentle and easy river to be able to watch and relax, a trip on the Nam Khan River is the answer. Besides enjoying the views of rural life on the riverbanks, we will stop at three famed sites in the surroundings of Luang Prabang.
  • Ming River & Khan River Discovery: On this trip you get the chance to paddle down two very scenic rivers of southern Luang Prabang Province: the narrow and over-grown Nam Ming which flows into the much wider winding Nam Khan. When staying the night in a village, you will be able to get a glimpse into the lives of people in rural Laos.
  • Tad Sae Waterfall & Elephant Riding: Trek and Kayak to Tad Sae Waterfall with optional Elephant Riding and Zip-Lines The 1 day tour that does it all:  hiking, kayaking, village visits, waterfalls, and optional elephant riding/bathing and zip-lines at an elephant camp right at the Tad Se waterfall. See local Hmong, Khmu, and Lao-Loum village life and Lao’s beautiful countryside from land and water.  Trekking through jungle and farmland to visit local villages on the outskirts of Luang Prabang is followed by kayaking down the scenic Nam Khan river. In the middle is lunch at the Tad Sae waterfall where you can feed, ride, and bathe elephants or brave the heights of the zip-lines through the canopy of trees. During the wet season, don’t forget your swimming suit for a refreshing swim in the aqua blue waters of the Tad Sae waterfall.
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