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Khone Phapheng 
Just 13 kilometres from the Cambodian border and east of Don Khon on the Mekong River is the pearl of the Mekong, Khone Phapheng Waterfall. Here the Mekong Cascades across a wide fault line, which slopes in a curvilinear pattern and causes the river to pass through with awesome power. Khone Phapheng is the largest waterfall by.....

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Som Pha Mit (Li Phi) 
Accessible from tiny Don Lai Island, just 1 km from Don Khon, west of Ban Khon Tai Village, Som Pha Mit (Li Phi) Waterfall is another amazing natural site to visit. Here you can relax, enjoy the scenery, watch people fishing, and enjoy a dish of freshly caught Mekong fish. This waterfall is named after a sacred Buddha image (Pha), which was.....

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Pha Suam 
This majestic waterfall, located 33 kilometres north of Pakse in Bachieng District, gets its name from its rectangular room-like shape, as “suam” literally means “room” in Lao. The falls stand about 6 metres high and flow all year round from the Houai Chapi River as it descends across the Bolaven Plateau from the north in Salavanh Province. The.....

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Tad Fane
This natural tourism site is located within the Dong Houa Sao National Protected Area at Ban Lak 38 Village (Km 38) along Route 23 heading towards Paksong (look for the signs on your right). The Champi and Pak Koot rivers flow off the plateau and come together here to create the Tad Fane Waterfall, which falls an impressive 120 metres. The real.....

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  Tad Champi
Less frequented than the other main waterfall attractions on the Plateau, Tad Champi waterfall offers a quiet and peaceful retreat into nature, suitable for picnicking or quiet meditation. A path to the left of the parking lot can be followed down to the edge of the stream (watch your step on the handcrafted stairway), where you can relax on either.....

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  Tad Yuang
Tat Yuang is impressive, with its twin torrents falling about 40 meters and flowing into lush jungle. It’s hugely popular with day-trippers from Pakse and Thailand who like to picnic at the top, so getting there early or lingering until dusk after the crowds have cleared out is a good idea. It’s ok to swim at the bottom. Tat Yuang is well-marked off.....

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