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Tad Faek Waterfall (Faek Waterfall)
At Km 14.5 on Route 11 to Attapeu you will see a turn off on the left to Tat Faek, a 5 meter-high waterfall with two pools in which you can swim. Swimmers should use the one above the falls, as a diabolical-sounding puffer fish known as the pa pao is believed to lurk in the pool below. Locals report with a sort of gleeful dread how the evil pa pao can home in on and sink its razor-sharp teeth into the human penis with uncanny precision. Admittedly, the women are more gleeful about this than the men. The falls rae 2.4 kilometers from the Route 11 turnoff. The pools fill up with locals on weekend and holidays.
Tad Hua Khon (Hua Khon Waterfall)
After about 17.5 kilometers along Route 11, a long bridge crosses the Se Nam Noi and you enter Attapeu Province. Just over of the bridge, at Km 18, a track leads east to Tad Hua Khon. The name translates as “waterfall of the heads”, owing to a WWII episode in which Japanese soldiers decapitated a number of Lao soldiers and tossed their heads into the falls. The falls are about 100 meters wide and 7 meters deep. This is a busy place on holidays and weekends.
Katamtok Waterfall
Rushing forth off the Bolaven Plateau and cascading 100 meters down into deep pools, Katamtok is one of least known but most spectacular waterfalls in Laos. It is the Huay Katam River that emanates from the thick jungle behind, only to leave its sleepy enclave for this roaring juncture on this journey. 
  Tad Maihia Waterfall
Located in Mo village, Lamarm town and distance from Province 5km.
  Tad Mohone Waterfall
Located in Senetai village, Thataeng district and distance from Province 54km.
  Tad Pa-Ao Waterfall
Located in Senetai village, Thataeng district and distance from Province 52km.
  Tad Oak Waterfall
Located in Darkcheung village, Darkcheung district and distance from Province 105km.   
  Tad Nokkhao Waterfall
Located in Nong bong village, Lamarm district and distance from Province 19km.  
  Tad Lavan Waterfall
Located in Café village, Thataeng district and distance from Province 29km.    


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