The tour is concipated for those who like walking through the nature and visiting waterfalls as well as for those who like to visit and get to know cultural villages and learn some of the handicraft production skills.
The tour starts in Oudomxay and with a local bus the village of Ban Tha Meun will be reached in 40 minutes where a local tour guide will be hired which will explain the specialties of the nature to you. After that the tour will start and you will walk two hours to the  Tha Meun waterfall which leads through pristine forest and rice fields. After a bath in the waterfall and a lao style picnic you will walk back to the village and have a look at the variety of handicraft products and visit the temple (wat).

After this you will take a tuk tuk to Ban Yor a cultural village with long history. It was founded in 902, when a group of Thai Leu moved into the wide open valley which promised good harvests and a warm climate. Today the village consists of 135 families with a total of 682 inhabitants. Although electricity is available in the village it still keeps its romantic atmosphere. All over the village there are woman yarning and weaving with cotton that is grown right next to the village and men are knitting fishnets. 

Furthermore the village is a Health model village. Pottery has a long history in northern Laos. Ever since the huge amount of clay gave people the chance to build bowls and jugs out of clay. But in the past decades very little pottery was produced. So now with a project funded by the ADB a pottery trainer came from Vientiane to teach some villagers modern pottery with better equipment. Still pottery is very simple and is conducted without electricity gas or any machines. 

When arriving in the village you will meet the Nai Ban (head of the village) and afterwards go to one of the many home stay families where you have the time to take a shower before taking a small village tour. After a traditionally simple lao dinner in your home stay family the villagers will be proud to show you their customs in a cultural performance including dancing an music in the village hall. On the 2nd day you will have the time to learn some of the skills in producing local products yourself. After breakfast you can choose if you would like to learn traditional pottery production, weaving, yarning or cotton dyeing. So until lunch you have time to get to know the techniques a little and after lunch our services are over and you can decide whether you would like to go on traveling back to Oudomxay or to Pakbeng and the Mekong River.

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