This community based trekking tour is designed for people who want to discover the real life in Oudomxay province as well as visit some natural attractions. 

On this tour you will spend two nights in two different Khamu ehtnic villages. You will learn about Khamu traditions, lifestyle and handicrafts.On the slightly challenging trek you will pass several natural attractions like the Singkham Buddha Cave, the Luang Cave, a limestone pristine forst area and the Houai Kahi waterfall. 

Along the way the local guides will explain traditional hunting, share their knowledge about the secrets of medicinal plants, and provide details on their cultivation habits. 2-Day Khmu Trekking Tour in La District via Tanongpo

1st Day
08:00 Meet at the Tourist Information and buy food for picnic
08:30 Leave the Tourist Information to Muang La
09:00 Visit Samakkhixay village (Lak 15 Km)
09:30 Start walk up the Valley by passing rice fields to water ground and SingKham Buddha Cave
12:00 Rest and picnic on the way
15:00 Walk to the Khmu village ’Ban Tanong Po’
17:00 Visit the villagers as they come back from the rice fields
17:30 Learn about traditional cooking and walking style
19:00 Eat dinner with the family

2nd Day
07:30 Eat breakfast
09:00 Start walk up the valley by passing nice jungle forest
10:00 Visit Luang cave
11:30 Come back to the village ‘Tanongpo’
12:00 Eat lunch at the village
13:30 Start walking down to the main road at ‘samakeexai’ village (Lak 17 Km)
15:00 Take Tuk-Tuk to Oudomxay Town
16:00 Arrive at the Tourism information in Oudomxay Town

1 day tour program to Meuang La District (Easy trek)
08:00 Leave Xay town to the Paradise mountain (Buddha footprint) Before reaching the Paradise mountain, we will pass several ethnic villages and see different local activies like basketry, local algohal production (Lao Lao) and others.
10:30 Leave the Paradise mouantain to Meuang La.
11:00 Arrive Meuang La and visit the Meuang La local handicarft center near the market
12:00 Lunch time
13:00 Trek to Vangvanh village to experience the real life of Khummu ethnic and then cross the Namphak river to the other side by using bamboo rafts. Continue treking along the river to the Phasingkham Buddha temple and  walk down to the hot sping
16:00 Back to Meuang Xay or to Meuang Khoua

 Trekking in Oudomxay

 Trekking Tour to Ban Than Meun and Ban Yor

 Trekking Tour to Nam Kat Waterfall and Pristine Forest

 Khmu Trekking Tour in La District

Useful Links: http://www.oudomxay.info/


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