Outside of Luang Prabang the Elephant Park Project protects former working Elephants and gives them a new home. On your visit you will experience a scenic Elephant ride through forest and river landscape. The afternoon you spend with a soft hiking tour to a small Khamu community. Both parts of the tour support the projects.

Detail Itinerary
Elephant ride & trekking combination trip
Elephant Village Luang Prabang
offering a day with Elephants and in amazing nature

Short Description:
Full day Elephant riding & trekking combination tour in the "Elephant Village" are just 15 km outside of Luang Prabang.   Includes village visits and soft hiking into amazing countryside, to Khmu minority village and the magnificent Tad Sae Waterfall. A perfect package for responsible travelers as this tour also supports the Fair Trek project which raises funding for seven villages in the area. Soft nature activity for a day Meet in our office in Luang Prabang or pick up you in the Hotel between 08:00-8:15AM

After a short ride out of town you and your local guide will arrive at the Elephant Village for a day of activities. The Elephant Village is located next to the Elephant Lodge about 15 km out of town and in the middle of a wonderful mountainous surrounding and at the banks of the scenic Nam Khan River. Enjoy the new perspective and the amazing nature on this 1 hr. Elephant ride. A stunning landscape, quietness, and the lushnature are the ingredients for your relaxed stay on the back of the protected Elephant. You will make your way through small forests and ride through the Nam Khan River. Afterwards a boat will bring you to the Tad Sae waterfalls (dried out between February and August). At the waterfall or the river you can hang out for some swimming and bathing in the refreshing cool water. Lunch will be served either on the magnificent waterfalls or on the mountain view veranda of the Elephant Village. The soft half day trekking (about 3-4 hrs.) will lead you out into a Khmu village where you get an insight in every day life and culture of this hill tribe. The village is nestled on the foot of a big mountain range. Most of the people here are farmers and fishermen and live from their traditional way of agriculture. They even speak a different language here and your guide will help to ask questions. This village Trek is part of the 'Fair Trek' Project which supports seven villages in the area. It is a cooperation between authorities, the villages and the operating tour company.

Today you will be blessed with great views to the more than 1,600 meter high mountain range which is covered with dense jungle. Here is an astonishing and relaxing atmosphere. You will take a small boat on the Nam Khan River or a short walk back to the pickup point. Return to Luang Prabang.
Elephant ride about 1 hrs. Total walking 3+ hrs.

NOTE: we are working with animals and in the nature, time changes may appear at any time. (Bring shoes that can get wet!!) The waterfall though is dry during February-August! Elephant rides can take different routes through river and village in the dry season.

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