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This one day trip takes up to top of the highest mountain in Nong Khiaw. We follow an old traillocal people have used for hunting, hiking up to the very top of the limestone cliffs. From therethe breathtaking panorama of Nong Khiaw will unfold beneath us, leaving us speechless.

We get up for a really early start just after sunrise, where we head for the foot of the mountainat the western side of the Nam Ou across from our place. From there we walk up a narrow andsteep path through jungle and between lime stone cliffs. The path has been almost forgottenabout, so the vegetation is lush and in places it narrows down so we are in thick bush.

Up there, our guide will arrange the lunch with the most amazing backdrop of ridges of mountains, disappearing behind one another into the horizon. Deep below us are the town andthe river. The descend takes as long time as the ascend did, so we will be back late afternoon.
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