This tour takes you into forest and several villages of the most prominentethnic groups in Northern Laos: the Khmu and Hmong. The Khmu are also called "Laos Theung" and settle at a medium altitude, the latter, sometimes called "Laos Soung", live in high regions along the mountain ridges.
You will see two scenic waterfalls on day 6 or 7. Day 6/7 are spent kayaking and relaxing in the rural setting of the lower Nam Xeuang River.

Day 1: Luang Prabang - Ban Mok Chung 
Starting point of the trek is 40 km north of Luang Prabang, in the Khmu-village of Ban Huay Lo off route 13. The trail passes through two Khmu & Hmong-villages, whilst continuously gaining height. The first Hmong-village visited is Ban Mok Chung, the second Pha Peung. You will learn more about Hmong-culture in the host villlage for the night at Ban Mok Chung.
Approximately: 1 hour transfer/ 6 hours trekking

Day 2: Ban Mok Chung - Ban Houay kok
Trekking further into the rugged and densely forested mountains west of the Nam ou valley, this day leads through remote and beautiful Bamboo forest & limestone scenery. Lunch is served in the Khmu-village of Ban Na Savang. Home-stay is in the village of Ban Houay Kok.
Approximately: 6 hours trekking

Day 3: Ban Houay kok - Ban Pak Chaek
Trekking takes you pass the Khmu tribe of Huay Kha village to the waterfalls Tad Ngai and Tad Noi: an idyllic place for a relaxing lunch-break and for bathing. The trek ends on the banks of the Nam Ou River in the late afternoon, in the Lao Leu-village of Ban Pak Chaek for the night.
Approximately: 6 hours trekking

Day 4: Ban Pak Chaek - Ban Huay Oun 
We cross the Nam Ou River by fishing boat then walk pass the Ex village of Pak Chaek village of Lao Leu, trek along the valley of the land scape and pass the rice field through out to the Huay Thuom, Yha Nang Villages of the Khmu ethnic minority. We take a break for a picnic lunch. The trek will be continued to Huay Oun village where we stay over night.
Approximately: 6 hours trekking

Day 5: Ban Huay Oun - Ban Hat Huay
After breakfast, we walk pass an area where Hmong people are paining gold and see the Pha Pon Golden Mountain. We trek to the top of the mountain that offers a great view and stop for local picnic lunch. We continue the trek from Pha Pon area to Ban Hat Huay the Khmu village where we stay over night.
Approximately: 6 hours trekking

Day 6: Ban Hat Huay - Ban Houa Sking - Luang Prabang 
The day starts with a 1 hour road trip, first, follow the route to Pak Xeng District, then, along a dirt road into a spectacular limestone landscape.
After reaching the starting point, the village of Ban Na Po, on the Nam Xeuang, you receive some basic paddle instruction and practice. The first river stretch takes you through rapids of grade 1-2, suitable for beginners.
A Lao style picnic lunch is prepared at a scenic spot on the riverside. There is time for swimming and relaxing, the more adventurous can jump off cliffs into the cool and deep Nam Xeuang!
The night is spent in a home-stay at the village of Ban Houa Sking, where the locals have some fascinating stories to tell of how they lived through the Second Indochina War.
Approximately: 1 hour transfer/ 5 hours kayaking

Day 7: Ban Houa Sking - Luang Prabang
In the morning, the village is revisited before paddling further down the Nam Xeuang. After lunch, the rapids reach strengths of grade 2-4, a thrilling experience for beginners and advanced paddlers alike!

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