Visit ethnic groups on the main road No. 3 from Luang Namtha to Vieng Phoukha (Khmu, Tai Dam, Tai Lue village), visit the Kao Rao cave, cycle through the Nam Ha NPA; stay in Khmu family house and Tai Lue family house; visit small villages at the bank of the Namtha River while cycling on the dirt road from Nale town to Luang Namtha.

Day 1: Luang Namtha - Vieng Phoukha (60 Km) 
At 09:00AM start at the office, visit small villages on the road (Tai Dam, Khmu, Tai Lue village) and cycle through parts of the Nam Ha NPA, visit the Kao Rao cave (the longest and biggest cave in northern Laos).  Lunch will be provided on the way. Stay overnight in Khmu family house in Vieng Phoukha town. While waiting for dinner you can bike around town, learn about a way of life and their traditions, architecture, etc…

Day 2: Vieng Phoukha - Nalae Town (78 Km) 
After breakfast (local food) in the homestay, the biking will start on a dirt road. You will pass some minority villages of Ban Namkeng, Ban Nam Seua, Ban Phou Let, Ban Kone Tou, Ban Tha Luang, Ban Luang Moon, and Ban Phou Tin (mainly Khmu villages) before reaching Nale town, the home of the Khmu ethnic. Continue to your home stay in Ban Ome, a Tai Lue village’s located on the Namtha River’s bank.

Day 3: Nalae Town - Luang Namtha (76 Km) 
After breakfast (local food) at the homestay you will cycle back to Luang Namtha on a dirt road along the Namtha River, visit small rural villages at the banks of the river (Khmu, Tai Lue village) and pass through Nam Ha NPA. Lunch will be provided on the way.  You will arrive in Luang Namtha around 4:30 pm and have dinner at the night market.


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