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This peaceful island is located inside the Wat Phou-Champasack Heritage Landscape just across the Mekong River from Champasack Town. The island is an ideal location for walks and bicycle rides on its country path, which can be followed around the tree-shaded island. Along the way stop and enjoy the sweet taste of coconut or sugar cane juice and eat the fresh fruits that the island is famous for. Other sites along your walk or ride include traditional Buddhist temples, an ancient forest stupa, basket weaving villages and a protect forest. Local guides and bicycles are available in Hua Don Deng Village. Don Deng has three accommodation options: For a very reasonable price, you can stay in the community lodge, located on the secluded northern tip of the island and operated by twenty families in the village. For those looking for more cultural immersion, one can choose to stay with a family in a homestay setting. Alternatively you can stay at the private guest house easily seen across the river from Champasack Town.

How to get there: To get to Don Deng hire a boat from either Ban Mouang or Champasack Town. The ride is only about 5 minutes.

 Don Deng Island

 Four Thousand Islands

 Don Khong

 Don Det & Don Khon

 Phou Asa Mountain

 Irrawaddy Dolphin

 Pha Pho Village

 Xe Khampho Watershed

 Houay Kaliang

 Bolaven Plateau

 Nong Luang

 Don Kho

 Khong Mountain

 Ban Mai Singsamphanh





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