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Nong Luang Village is noteworthy for being one of the few villages to participate in a coffee growing cooperative, which allows the villagers to sell their coffee bean directly on the world market in return for a fair trade price. The village works together with other villages in the area to pool their coffee beans together, process them, select the best product for market and ship the beans abroad to coffee roasters and retail packagers, effectively raising the value of their product to a level that yields a fair market price instead of setting for lower prices offered by local middlemen. The villagers of Ban Nong Luang Village are very happy and eager to share the beauty of their coffee growing fields and surrounding forests, waterfall and caves with visitors who choose to make the journey up to Paksong.

There are a host of activities available, which are in the beginning stages of being developed. Village guides can take you around their coffee fields and teach you about the growing process.

They can also take you half-day, full day and multi-day walks and hikes into the Dong Houa Sao National Protected Area and the Dan Nong Luang Highlands. This area is extremely exciting for those interested in natural landscapes, waterfalls and unadulterated nature. In fact, the villages say that just about every time they go out, they find a new waterfall or undiscovered natural feature such as a cliff or small cave. You can stay overnight in the village in a homestay setting with families, or you can arrange for camping in the forest through the Traveller’s Meeting Point Café.

To arrange for visits to Nong Luang, it is best to first contact the Traveller’s Meeting Point Café, located on the left hand side of the main highway as you pass through Paksong. Staff there can arrange for a guided trip for a modest fee, or if you would like, they will simply help contact the village for you free of charge.

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