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This lowland Lao trading and fishing village, located at the base of Khong Mountain, is known for its market with its wide variety of non-timber forest products, local rice whiskeys, and woven bamboo crafts. Nearby the village is an area called Nakhon Sing, where there stands a replica statue of the Nakhon Sing lion-the area’s original symbol that was stolen by thiefs years ago and two statues of Nyak guards protecting the village from evil. The village currently offers overnight homestay which includes family-style Lao food.

How to get there: The best way to get to Ban Mai Singsamphanh and Khong Mountain is by booking a tour through a local tour company. Contact the Provincial Tourism Office for more information. Alternatively, take a tuk-tuk (hired from the Central Market) to Ban Boungkha village (approximately 40 km north to Pakse), from where you can hire a boat upriver about 1.5 hours to Ban Mai Singsamphanh. Once at Ban Mai, ask the villagers to arrange a guide to take you to Khong Mountain.

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