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Wat Saphai Kang is a temple of an unknown age that was last reconstructed in 1938 and has a venerated, stupa-like stone (Pha That) from the Wat Phou era that marks the temple as the most sacred in the area and the first temple to open all religious festivals. A milestone from the French era used by boats for noting distance of travel can be seen here as well (near the Pha That). Across the street from Wat Saphai Kang is a traditional, southern Lao house in twin-roof style, which was originally built approximately 150 years ago by Pau Tao Jume, a coffee plantation owner. Today the house is inhabited by his great granddaughter, Nang Moui and her family, who practice traditional weaving.

 Wat Saphai Kang

 Wat Pho Xay

 Wat Pho Sayalam