Wat Pho Sayalam is a very sacred temple as it was the home of the venerated monk, Ajaan Somdeth Lun. The temple actually is named after the pipal tree in the centre of the grounds, which is said to have grown on its own after the respected monk was cremated at the site in 1921. The temple was later erected in tribute to the lasting spirit of the great monk. The forested area surrounding the temple was settled after the construction of the temple and is now known as Ban Simoungkhoun. Villagers still believe that the spirit of Ajaan Somdeth Lun still protects the area. Please take off your shoes before entering to the worship area. You may also make a donation if you wish.

How to get there: From Ban Saphai / Don Kho, you can travel the Mekong north to Wat Pho Sayalam located at Ban Vernxay Village. The temple can also be reached by driving to Ban Nakeo from where a short boat ride across the Mekong to Ban Vernxay can be made.

 Wat Saphai Kang

 Wat Pho Xay

 Wat Pho Sayalam





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