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This is a large irrigation lake used in the dry season to enable additional rice cultivation, as well as the growing of vegetables and other food plants. Since its dam is stair-shaped, it resembles a small waterfall when the rainy season starts. There are many islands in the lake and it is rich in beautiful lotus blooms, fish, animals and migratory birds (such as the white stork). In the dry season, local people catch fish and snails to offer visitors, and you can taste these and other local foods on the lakeside.

How to get there: From Savannakhet city, take Route 9B, 47 kilometers south to Ban Nakhou, turn left and after about 6.3 kilometers you will be at Ban Dongdokmai. Turn right there and carry on for another 6.8 kilometers.

Located in Champhone District

 Mekong River Bank

 Dong Ling

 Bung Va (Va Lake)

 Nong Tao (Turtle Lake)

 Nong Papha (Turtle Lake)

 Nong Lom Lake

 Fay Soui (Irrigation)

 Dinosaur Footprints

 Tad Hai Bridge

 Kaeng Sammataek

 Kaeng Kong Phanang




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