This is one of the most worshipped shrines in Thakhaek District and because of its secluded location is used as a retreat for Buddhist Monks. The stupa is said to have been first constructed during 6th - 8th Century and was restored in 1963. To one side of the stupa are several Buddhist statues of interest. After visiting Muang Phone Stupa you can move on to see Tham Phachanh Cave located nearby.

How to get there: It is located northeast of Thakhaek and can be reached by taking Road 12 to kilometer 14 where one must turn left and follow a dirt path for 16 kilometers.

  The Giant Wall

  Sikhottabong Stupa

  Old Thakhaek Town

  Muang Phone Stupa

  Tin Mines

  Historic Railway

  Ho Chi Minh Trail





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