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According to legend, an old town was founded here in current Phonesim in 1577 during the reign of the King Fa Ngum who later united the Lane Xang Kingdom. Migrating south-eastwards from Northern Vietnam, Savannakhet’s ancestors settled here and named the town in Ban Luang Phonsim "Phonsim village" after the name of their leader Luang and his wife Sim. The name of the village has been shortened to Ban Phonsim. The ruins of the original settlement can still be seen atop a hill surrounded by bamboo forest. You can see the foundations of a pagoda and the old Phonsim town wall.

How to get there: From That Ing Hang, go east for about 3km to the village. The ruins are located about 2 km from the village, and are best experienced through one of the Eco-Guides’ trekking tours which can also include an overnight home stay in the village.

Located in Kaysone Phomvihanh Town

 That Ing Hang

 Wat Xayaphoum

 Wat Lattanalangsy

 The old temple at Ban That

 Wat Taleo Kao

 That Oumoung

 That Phonh

 That Nang Lao

 Hortay Pidok

 Heun Hin (Stone House)

 Ban Sepon Kao

 Dinosaur Museum

 Savannakhet Provincial Museum

 Memorial Kaysone Phomvihanh

 French Colonial Architecture

 Muangkao Phonesim

 Lao-Vietnamese Monument

 Lamson Battle Field