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Located on the northern face of Pha Khongkao Mountain southwest of town, the Bee chiff Cave Complex consists of several caverns clustered together. The most popular is Tham Pha Pheung (Bee Cliff  Cave), which is often called Tham Phou Thong. Others include Tiger Cave, Diamond Cave, and the Gold Mine Cave, The 70-meter-long Bee Cliff/ Phou Thong Cave deceives its visitors with a small entrance leading to a 5-sqm room with a 4-meter-high ceiling and elephant head with a golden tint reflected from the dangling beehives. The view looking back outside the cave reveals a scene of rice fields, green trees, and the Ka River snacking past the entrance. Inside, a water basin offers a fresh and clean bathing pool.

Location: Cross the Nam Xong in the southern end of town at the Paradise Island Bridge to Ban Houay Nyae. Follow the dirt road for around a kilometer until you see the sign for the Bee Cliff Cave, and the trail leading south to the cliff

 Tham Pou Kham

 Bee Cliff Cave Complex

 Tham Khan

 Tham Chang

 Ban Tham Xang Group

 Ban Pha Thao Group

 Khoun Lang Cave