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Adventure and history await at Tham Khan (Silver Bow Cave) just 3 km west of town. A hedgehog hunter discovered the cave with its 1.9-meter-high sitting Buddha at the entrance Archaeologists examined the cavern and turned up prehistoric knives, small spades, and axes as well as khan or silver bow for which the cave was named. The three-meter-wide, 200-meter-long cave sits at the foot of Oua Mountian and offers a good access throughout. The daring can try to find the secret passage out…it’s adventureous but quite safe.

Location: Cross the Nam Xong to the southern end of town at the Paradise Island Bridge to the Long Kouang Route past Ban Houay Nyae. At electric pole 18, look for a sign Tham Khan, turn north, and follow the rugged road along Laeng Stream to the cave’s entrance.

 Tham Pou Kham

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 Tham Khan

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