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Journey north of Vang Vieng to explore the Ban Tham Xang Group, a cluster of four caves just across the Nam ong, withTham Xang (Elephent Cave) at its gateway. A trail to the north winds to Tham Hoy (Shell Cave), named for Hoysang (Conch Shell), who protected his anut from giants in this tunnel with no known end. Moving south along the canal, Tham Loup (Hole Cave) appears as a huge cleft created by Laos’ massive mythological elephant, Siho, to hide from his enemies. Further along, the 500-meter-long Tham Nam (water Cave) was once the source of an intricate wooden irrigation system.

Location: Travel north of Vang Vieng on Route 13 for about 14 km, and turn left (west) between Km 169 and Km 170. Follow the road and cross the river to reach the entrance.

 Tham Pou Kham

 Bee Cliff Cave Complex

 Tham Khan

 Tham Chang

 Ban Tham Xang Group

 Ban Pha Thao Group

 Khoun Lang Cave