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Legend and history meet at this pair of caves just north of town. Tham Pha Thao (Thao Cliff Cave) once served as the home for locals, and remnants of their underground residences still exist amidst the silver and golden-color rock walls and formation. Legend has it that those who visit Tham Pha Thao will have good luck, which turns first-time visitors into annual returnees. Legend also shrouds nearby Tham Keo (Glass Cave) named after a beautiful young  woman named Miss Keo, who looked like “sparkling glass” and once live in the cave.

Location: Travel north of Vang Vieng on Route 13 for about 11km, and turn west between Km 166 and Km 167. Signs to Tham Pha Thao Leo indicate the turnoff to a rough dirt road leading to the bridge crossing the Nam Xong and the entrance to Pha Thao village and its cave groub.

 Tham Pou Kham

 Bee Cliff Cave Complex

 Tham Khan

 Tham Chang

 Ban Tham Xang Group

 Ban Pha Thao Group

 Khoun Lang Cave