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Located behind the old stadium on the way to Kuang Si waterfall. Wat That Luang was built on a knoll in 1818 by king Manthatourath. Before 1975, Wat That Luang was used to hold funeral rites and cremate the country‘s highest dignitaries.

Traditionally the cremation site for Lao royalty, legend has it that Wat That Luang was originally established by Ashokan missionaries in the 3rd century BC. However, the current large sim is a 1818 rebuild whose leafy column-capitals look more Corinthian than Indian. The sim is bracketed by two stupas, the larger of which is plated with an armour of corroded old brass plates. It reputedly contains the ashes of King Sisavangvong, even though it was built in 1910, 50 years before his death.

Open daily
Time: 08:00am-06:00pm
Admission: 10,000 kip

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