The tiny Lanten village of Nam Chang specializes in producing strong bamboo paper, baskets, and dyed indigo cotton fabric. The villagers also make carved wooden and bamboo-paper ritual masks used in their Taoist ceremonies. Visitors can watch the village women grind young bamboo with sako tree leaves to a pulp, and then boil it into a paste-like solution. This is spread on framed cloth screens and left on racks in the sun to dry. Paper-makers are also experimenting with dyes, as the global market is growing for this colored natural product. About 35 locals carry out the paper-making process and can churn out some 150 large sheets each month.

Location: The paper production site sits behind the Ban Nam Chang School on Lao Route 3’s western side about 15 kilometers north of the Houai Xay Market and 50 kilometers south of the Don Chai Visitor Center.

  Jomkhaomanilat Temple 

  Wat Souvannaphakham

  Souvannakhomkham Ancient City

  Ancient Princess Sculpture

  French Fort

  Ban Nam Chang

  Don Chai Visitor Centre



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