Laos has 3rd Fastest Mobile Internet Speed in ASEAN

Laos has 3rd Fastest Mobile Internet Speed in ASEAN

Laos ranks third-fastest among ASEAN countries in terms of 4G download speed of mobile internet data and 52nd among 100 global economies.

A report released this week by OpenSignal, a British company that measures mobile user experience globally, says Laos’ average 4G download speed is 17.1 Mpbs, faster than other ASEAN countries excepting Singapore and Vietnam.

According to the report, Singapore takes the title of the fastest download speed of mobile data in Southeast Asia and ranks sixth globally at 47.5 Mbps.

Vietnam takes second place with the country’s 4G average download speed recorded at 20.6 Mbps, ranking 41st globally.

Laos ranks third in ASEAN, with an average 4G download speed of 17.1 Mpbs, and is 52nd among 100 economies.

Laos Has Third Fastest Mobile Internet in ASEAN

As for the remaining ASEAN nations, Brunei ranks 55th in the world at 16.4 Mbps, Myanmar 56th (16.4 Mbps); Malaysia 73rd (11 Mbps); Indonesia 80th (9.9 Mbps); Thailand at 81st (9.2 Mbps); the Philippines 83rd (8.5 Mbps) and Cambodia at 87th (8 Mbps).

Berlin-based online travel website Tourlane named Laos as one of the most remote countries with the best Internet in 2019, while mobile network operator Unitel won the Speedtest Awards for mobile network speed during the second and third quarter of the same year.