Tad Yuang Waterfall Wins ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Award

Tad Yuang Waterfall in Champasack Province has received an ASEAN sustainable tourism award this year.

The award will be presented to officials from Laos during the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) held in Cambodia this week, Laopost reports.

The 3rd ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Awards (ASTA) are held every two years in support of the implementation of ASEAN’s Tourism Strategic Plan 2016-2025.

The theme of the 3rd ASTA held for 2022-2023 is “Safe Tourism,” according to Visit Southeast Asia, the official ASEAN travel website.

Tad Yuang Waterfall received the award due to the success of the development of sustainable tourist attractions surrounding the waterfall.

The waterfall is a popular tourist attraction because of its location surrounded by lush greenery, where visitors can observe the daily lives of local people.

The site received major improvements to facilities as part of the Lao Thiao Lao domestic tourism campaign launched in 2020 to promote tourism and boost the local economy.

Authorities have encouraged communities living near the waterfall to produce organic vegetables and other products for sale to visitors and are promoting local customs and traditions to attract visitors and help local people increase their incomes.

The 42-meter Tad Yuang Waterfall features an observation area at the top, middle, and bottom of the falls. A route may be followed around the side to access several viewpoint locations for visitors.

There are also some well-kept picnic sites at the top of the waterfall that are popular with residents.

According to the Champasacl Provincial Culture and Tourism Department, particular attention has been paid to Covid-19 prevention and control measures, ensuring the safety of visitors.

Source: https://laotiantimes.com/2022/01/19/tad-yuang-waterfall-wins-asean-sustainable-tourism-award/