A 10-day Festival to Celebrate Cultural Dialogue Between France, Laos

On 18 November the Festival France-Laos 2022 will open its doors for a series of ten exceptional events honoring the richness of cultural creation and the precious nature of intercultural dialogue.

For this first edition, the choice made is that of effervescence. Classical music, pop rock, world music, cinema, puppet show, theater, visual arts, and all artistic disciplines mingle and meet.test

The same goes for the artists: internationally renowned pianists Maxime Zecchini and David Bismuth will share the stage with the Vientiane Chamber Orchestra, the young singer Sun will respond to the words of Blackeyes and NU innovation, the students of the National Institute of Fine Arts will pay tribute to Marc Leguay and Thiane Khamvongsa to the inevitable Molière.

Just like the work of the famous French comedian and dramaturge, born 400 years ago, who saw in theater and comedy a path to education for all, the Festival France-Laos is also a place of discovery, learning, encounters, and inspiration that enables artists to share their worldview with their spectators.

Under Tô’s gaze, the baskets of sticky rice will become the central characters of the new adventures of Khaô Niew’s puppets. Bruno le Matelot will portray the details of his daily life in Laos with colors and imagination. The director Kiyé Simon Luang will rediscover the path of his roots through his cinematographic work and will present for the first time in Laos his film Good Bye Mr Wong.

Schedule of the France-Laos Festival

The Festival France-Laos 2022 will close this first year of festival by celebrating the exemplary cooperation between the Lao Fashion Week, the famous French fashion school ESMOD and the French Embassy in Laos which allows each year several young Laotian designers to benefit from a training program of excellence in France.

Because, whether you are an actor or a spectator, creation is not only a synonym of art and culture. It is also about personal and professional development, new economic opportunities, and strong values such as education for all, sustainable development and gender equality, all in line with the official objectives of the Laos government.

Source: https://laotiantimes.com/2022/11/11/a-10-day-festival-to-celebrate-the-cultural-dialogue-between-france-laos/