Laos-China Railway Ticket Reservation App to Go Live This Month

he Laos-China Railway Company has announced that its long-awaited ticket reservation mobile application will go live from 15 March.

The mobile application, LCR Ticket, is already available for Apple devices on the app store and for Android devices in the Play store.

Visitors and locals alike have been eagerly awaiting the new mobile app since the announcement of its development on the first anniversary of the railway.

The mobile application will make booking train tickets for the Laos-China Railway much more convenient for passengers, allowing them to easily book and manage their journeys on their smartphones. The app will offer various ticket options, including first-class, second-class, and sleeper tickets. Additionally, it will provide information on train schedules, stations, and routes.

After purchasing a ticket via the app, physical tickets will be available at the railway station, while users can reserve a ticket seven days in advance.

Payment methods have yet to be confirmed by the company, but appear to include UnionPay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.

While the railway has been lauded as a groundbreaking and convenient new mode of transport, the Laos-China Railway Company suffered major setbacks throughout its first year of operations due to mismanagement of ticketing systems, leading to continued complaints from the public.

The new online ticketing system via the mobile application is expected to provide greater convenience, satisfying the public and easing the frustration of tour operators.


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