Laos and Vietnam Expand Public Security Partnership

Laos and Vietnam security officials met on Monday to strengthen their partnership in overseeing civil society issues, with a particular focus on managing censuses and issuing identity cards.

A delegation from Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security visited Laos’ Deputy Minister of Public Security and Director General of the Police Department, Major General Khamking Phouilamanivong to discuss how the two countries could cooperate in census and identity-card issuance efforts.

The two sides decided on measures that include creating a database that could store vital census-related information for the future, strengthen the relationship between the two countries, and also help in peacekeeping efforts.

At the meeting, the Vietnamese delegation pledged to assist Laos in creating a national database of citizens and issuing modern identity cards to them.

Additionally, the two ministries agreed to continue their joint efforts in suppressing the trafficking of drugs across borders, including identifying the locations used by drug producers and traffickers, apprehending suspects, and bringing cases to court for prosecution.

The partnership between Laos and Vietnam’s public security officials will also focus on tracking down and arresting suspected drug traffickers and creating drug-free villages.


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