Lao Health Minister Presents New Draft Law on Public Health at National Assembly

The Minister of Health put forward a new draft law on public health to the National Assembly on Tuesday which is aimed at improving the management and monitoring of healthcare services.

Paxaxon Newspaper reports that the Minister of Health, Dr. Bounfeng Phommalaysith, proposed the new draft law for constituents in the country to comment on and discuss.

The minister informed that the new public health draft law defines the principles, regulations, and procedures for managing and overseeing public health work in Laos to make it accessible and affordable for all citizens.

According to Dr. Bounfeng, the public health sector has often faced difficulties in managing its operations due to a lack of infrastructure, staff, and other resources. The revised law looks at not only protecting the interests of those seeking medical care but also that of healthcare professionals, with the goal of modernizing and improving services.

In its strategy until 2030, Laos’s Ministry of Health intends to reform the country’s public health sector by implementing strict levels of compliance and high-quality service throughout the country. It also provides instructions on how recent graduates in the field of medicine can obtain their licenses before starting their practice.

Mr. Bounlome Keobouahome, a constituent of District 7 in the province of Xayaboury, said earlier this month that 66.6% of 150 patients at Hahosot Hospital, Setthathirath Hospital, and Mittaphab Hospital were dissatisfied with the quality of their medical care, according to a survey.


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