Rice planting season is upon us!

The rice planting season in Lao PDR typically begins in May and goes on until July. During this time, farmers prepare the fields by clearing and plowing. They also have to create irrigation channels to get water to the fields. 

Once the fields are prepared, the farmers select the seedlings and begin planting them by hand or machine. The young rice plants require a lot of water, and the fields need to be flooded during the early stages of growth.

After about two to three months, the rice plants are ready for harvesting. The rice harvest usually occurs in October or November. During this time, farmers cut the rice stalks and leave them to dry before threshing the grains away.

Overall, rice planting in Lao PDR is an important part of the country’s agricultural economy and way of life for many communities.

source: https://wearelao.com/blog/create-blog-entry-657

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