Visit​ Laos​ Year​ 2024​ to be officially launched in November
The Visit​ Laos​ Year​ 2024​ tourism promotion campaign will be officially launched on November 23, with the opening ceremony to take place on the That Luang esplanade, according to the Ministry of Information, Culture and​ Tourism.
The date was agreed to at a national meeting convened to prepare for the launch of Visit Laos Year 2024, held in Vientiane last week and chaired by Deputy Prime Minister, Prof. Dr Kikeo Khaykhamphithoune.
“The Visit Laos​ Year​ 2024 campaign is important as it will bring tourists to Laos and encourage the creation of products that will broaden the scope of tourism and add value to products, as well as improve the quality of services in line with the requirements of target market groups,” Prof. Dr Kikeo said.
“The programme will provide cultural activities and traditional festivals in central and local areas, as well as bolstering domestic tourism and inspiring more foreign tourists to visit Laos, which will generate more revenue for local communities,” he added.
Also speaking at the meeting, Minister​ of​ Information, Culture​ and Tourism​ Mrs Suanesavanh Vignaket​ said the programme for Visit Laos Year 2024 would comprise 75 activities, with 14 being national activities and 61 to be carried out in various provinces.
In preparation for these events, provincial authorities have made improvements at tourist attractions so as to meet international standards, while signage has been installed on roads that link to neighbouring countries and on roads to tourist attractions.
Authorities have also improved visitor facilities and set up more outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing, as well as camp sites.
They have also issued technical and safety certificates in relation to tourist activities such as ziplining, climbing, ballooning, paramotor trips and cruises, as well as improving access to tourist attractions.
In addition, standards in conservation areas are being monitored and local residents are being encouraged to ensure standards are upheld, Mrs Suansavanh said.
The Ministry of Information,​ Culture​ and​ Tourism​ is now in talks with individuals and provinces to decide


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