Khammouane, Phongsaly Provinces Prepare for Visit Laos Year 2024

Tourism departments in Khammouane and Phongsaly provinces in central and north of Laos are gearing up for the upcoming Visit Laos Year 2024, with a focus on promoting their unique natural and cultural attractions.

The head of Khammouane Province’s information, culture, and tourism department, Xaysomboun Souvandala, announced that the province has 13 activities planned to promote tourism in six districts, KPL reported.

Xaysomboun revealed that the province has mobilized funds, collected photos from tourist sites, created online advertisements, and prepared skills training courses for hospitality service staff throughout the province. The central authority has also worked closely with staff at international checkpoints such as the Third Mekong Friendship Bridge and Naphao to ensure effective cross-border mechanisms for tourists. 

The tourism authorities have also inspected all hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants to ensure that they meet the required standards for welcoming a high number of visitors, he explained.

Khammouane Province currently counts 209 tourist sites, 145 of which are natural sites, while the others are cultural and historical. However, only 87 of the 209 venues are open to the public.

Phongsaly, the northernmost province, or the “land of green tea and morning mists”, is also preparing to welcome more than 128,000 tourists next year, foreseeing to generate more than LAK 345 billion in revenue.

Somtouy Phommavongxay, head of the province’s information, culture, and tourism department in Phongsaly, said that provincial authorities will organize an ethnic food and tea festival. The province, on the border with China and Vietnam, is renowned for producing organically grown green tea, which has received worldwide recognition for its high quality and superb taste. The tea leaves are picked from trees that are up to 400 years old.

“Provincial authorities are preparing visitor facilities and improving infrastructure and standards at places of accommodation and restaurants in preparation for an influx of tourists next year,” Somtouy told the Phongsaly News Outlet.

Phongsaly is also known for its trekking tours to remote mountainous villages. The highest mountain in the province, Pha That Phou Far is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

According to Tourism Laos, Phongsaly is home to 28 ethnic groups, including the Khmu, Phounoy, Akha, Tai Lue, and Hor. Each group has its own unique culture, traditions, dress style, and language.

While local authorities are reading their provinces for a new influx of tourists, Vientiane Capital is also expediting preparations to welcome more foreign visitors during Laos’ ASEAN Chairmanship and Visit Laos Year 2024.

Laos is almost ready for Visit Laos Year 2024, a nationwide campaign to promote tourism and attract more visitors to the country. The goal is to draw at least 4.6 million foreign and Lao tourists, generating revenue of USD 712 million.

The promotion campaign will officially launch in late November.


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