Go Green and Get Around Like a Local with LOCA

Go Green and Get Around Like a Local is the concept of LOCA Taxi that willing to help the tourist to be comfortable in travelling or getting around in each areas in Laos like our own local people and the passengers do not have to be worry with the environment, due to the cars that drivers used are reducing the petrol and decreasing produce the pollution

LOCA is first established in 2018 as a first taxi online platform in Laos, Loca is also Laos’s largest EV fleet! As the only licensed Laos-based ride-sharing service. LOCA is a taxi online application which can serve you 24 hours with convenient, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly transportation.

We have drivers and staffs who works 24/7 to help you and serve you, you don’t have to worry in any problem during the trip. Moreover, when you get accident during the trip you will be under cover by the first-class insurance package with extreme cost 500.000.000 LAK.

We have the transparent pricing and also strict driver and car selection process to ensure that the passengers will get the best experience in traveling in Lao, and the passengers no need to be worried about the pollution, because one of our goals in service is reducing carbon emissions for a greener future.

Let’s try this experience with LOCA by getting the app here: https://www.loca.la/download

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