Caruso Creations in Vientiane Capital & Luang Prabang Province

A visit to the Caruso workshop in Vientiane is a plunge into a wonderful world. Designers and craftsmen will show you the different stages of production of the most authentic Laotian know-how, silversmiths, sculptors, turners at the service of absolute beauty. The tour ends in the showroom, where the entire Caruso universe is represented: ebony vases, jewelry, carpets and the finest silks find their place in a traditional contemporary setting. Take advantage of Caruso’s chauffeur service to get to the workshop.
Address: Nongbouathong Neua, Homp 14, Unit 49, Vientiane

An international icon of Lao design for almost three decades, Caruso is the very essence of creativity. From marvelous ebony objects, often edged with pure silver, to the finest silk, you’ll find the country’s finest craftsmanship in this elegant boutique. Each piece has been reinterpreted with a modern touch using traditional forms. It’s impossible to leave the boutique without falling in love with an object. The master craftsmen’s workshop is open to the public. Daily worldwide shipments.
Address: 60 Sakkarine Road, Ban Vat Sene, Luang Prabang

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