Cross-Border Tourism: 2024’s First Beijing to Laos Tourist Train Departs From Chinese Capital

The first Beijing to Laos cross-border tourist train of 2024 departed from the Chinese capital during the early hours of Monday morning, 18 March. Dai Kaiyi was there.

Slowly pulling out of the platform, the Y445 tourist train, carrying over 400 passengers, embarks on a cross-country tour spanning China and Laos. Before the train departed, I spoke with a few of the passengers about their trip.

“I’m really happy to be part of this trip. It feels good; I can’t really describe it in any other way.”

“I’m excited to find out that we have trains to go directly to Laos now, and with both sides being so friendly, especially the people being able to go to Laos to learn their traditional culture.”

Dai Kaiyi Beijing “Chinese railway officials say the trip covers many iconic sightseeing spots in both China and Laos. It lasts for a total of fifteen days, allowing tourists to experience the charm of both countries.”

GE RONGYAN Train Driver “With many elderly passengers on this journey, our main focus during duty is ensuring passenger safety, emergency response, water supply on the train, catering, and providing excellent customer service.”

Railway authorities have organized a team of chefs offering a diverse range of meals and onboard entertainment. Trained medical personnel and emergency equipment are available onboard to guarantee passenger safety.

Wang Xu Business Manager of China Railway Travel Service Group “This year, we have introduced our specialized tourism offering, which includes domestic tourist special trains and cross-border trains for international travel, creating a comprehensive travel experience.”

Since its opening, the China-Laos Railway has transported over 30 million passengers and more than 34 million tons of goods. The line has seen an upward trend in both passenger and freight traffic.

The China State Railway Group says it will strengthen cooperation with its Laos counterparts while contributing to the high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative, bringing benefits to the people of both countries. Dai Kaiyi, CGTN, Beijing.


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