Tad Kuang Si (Waterfall)

It is about 25 km from LuangPrabang, tuk tuks and vans for sharing is about 60.000 kip/person and private is about 250.000 kip/group, more adventurous (and fit) visitors may want to cycle there (there are a couple of steep hills en route). For cycling takes about 2 hours and renting a bicycle is about 20.000 kip/day. it is the biggest waterfall and has a plenty of water all year around is beautiful and popular for picnics, swimming and relaxing, also you can see the black Bear inside the Kuang Si waterfall. In the dry season the water at Kuang Si (pictured here) takes on a bluish hue, owing to the presence of minerals like copper. In the wet season the water is a deep green and you can hear the sound of the falls well before you can see them.
When cooling off at the pool or the falls, it’s also important to remember that bikinis and other very revealing swimwear are also frowned upon and public displays of affection, from hand-holding to more intimate gestures like kissing, are considered crude. Please also note that visitors are expressly requested not to walk around with shirts off or in just bikini tops. This is considered rude (and the individual in question is assumed to have questionable morals and status).
Open daily: from 08:00 – 17:30 
Entrance fee: Asult 20.000 Kip/person and child less than eight years old free.