Wat Xiengthong

Wat Xiengthong was built in the 16th centery by King Say Setthathirath from 1559 to 1560, which is situated close to the Mekong River and about 300 meters from the Nam Khan River. Wat Xiengthong is one of the oldest and the most beautiful monasteries in Luang Prabang which is praised as the architectural gem of Luang Prabang for its historical and artistic values. This temple was especially taken care by King Sisavangvong and Sisavang Watthana following the restoration and preservation by the great monk Kham Mao in the temple.

Wat Xiengthong is a symbol of great historical importance. This magnificent master piece is a representative of the typical Laotian architecture, demonstrated by the Sim (called Phutthasima), the Triptaka library, the worship hall, the pagoda and the Buddha image statues. 

The Sim of Wat Xiengthong was restored in 1928 and during 1952 – 1960. The construction of a new Hor Kong  were carried out at the same time as the construction of a funeral chapel for King Sisavangvong which started in 1962. The funeral chapel was designed by Chao Manivong Khattiyarath (the national artist on architecture year 2010) and the carving was carried out by Phia Tan (the National artist on sculpture year 2010), both of whom are the carvers of Luang Prang at that time. The last major restoration in 2015 focused on the glass mosaic decoration, the central spike of the seventeen prasats and the horns of the Naga decorations on the roof. The recent restoration replaced some parts of the buildings with new materials but the original structure was largely preserved.. 

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