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1. Training

Training is available to companies who would like assistance in training their staff in understanding and implementing the LaoSafe standards at their premise and to prepare for assessment. The training, while optional, is encouraged and initially provided free of charge with support from Skills for Tourism (Project LAO/029). 

2. Assessment

When a company feels they are ready, assessors will visit the business to conduct the assessment which includes visual inspections, checking of SOPs and talking to key members of staff. Assessment will take between half and one day depending upon the size and complexity of the business.

3. Certification

Once a company passes the assessment, they will be awarded a certification by the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Health.

Supporting promotional material will be provided to enable the business to promote its certification both on and offline.

4. Marketing

To support the Tourism and Hospitality sector and to encourage international visitors to return once borders are open, LaoSafe also includes a marketing component. Activities include the promotion of LaoSafe and the listing of certified companies on, a LaoSafe local and regional marketing initiative, social media promotions and free marketing collateral such as posters, standees, etc. and access to usage of the LaoSafe logo for certified companies.

Areas of Coverage

There are five key areas of business operations targeted by LaoSafe:

  • Personal grooming and hygiene standards
  • Environmental hygiene: cleaning and disinfection
  • Staff safety
  • Customer safety
  • Risk management plan

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How do I apply?

Step 1

Download the application form:

Download in English

Download in Lao

Step 2

Send your filled out application form to:


Management needs to appoint a LaoSafe Manager and team to enabled implementation and ensure on-going compliance with the programme.

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