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This is the largest festival in Champasack Province and one of the largest festivals in the entire country. It is held annually on the grounds of the enchanting pre-Angkorian remains of Vat Phou in Champasack. This festival attracts thousands of people each year, who come for prayer ceremonies and to enjoy the festivities. There is elephant racing, buffalo fighting, cock fighting and performances of Lao traditional music and dances. There is also a trade fair showcasing the products from the southern provinces of Laos, and from the neighbouring countries

Sikhottabong Stupa festival is held annually during the full moon in February and it is celebrated over several days. People of north eastern Thailand, Nakhorn Phnom, and nearby provinces come and gather for stupa worshipping and entertainment. During the festival, there are religious activities along with a local trade fair and performances held around the stupa.