You love journeys of discovery

You love going to unique places few others have been, right? Or exploring your inner world through intangible life experiences. 

Allow Laos to wow you. And then impress your friends. #wowlaos

Make tangible discoveries: Paddle underground rivers into immense cathedral-like caves filled with beautiful forms… And experience the intangible: Feel the reverence and awe…

And then be wowed by the wild and wonderful new discoveries being made here all the time. From archeological finds to new large animals and new enormous caves.

Did you know that the archaeological finds at Sepon in Savannakhet Province are more than 3,000 years old – the incredible copper drum has challenged historians’ beliefs around the globe about when that form of casting was invented?”

Did you know about the entirely new animal, the Saola, that was recently discovered here? Not a tiny little bug but a great big buck, one of the rarest large animals on earth.

The enormous Xe Bang Fai cave remained virtually unknown except to locals until a National Geographic survey brought it to world attention through an expedition in 2008. Be the first of your friends to see it with your own eyes.

You’ve seen a forest of trees, but how about a rock forest? Be awed by the strangely beautiful and unique topography of the Limestone Forest in Central Laos.

Get spiritual and festive: participate in a traditional Buddhist ceremony or festival – get some candles, incense and flowers and join the procession circling Laos’s most esteemed national monument, the That Luang stupa (is there really a Buddha bone at the center of it?), in November, or cast your worries and cares away as you send a little bamboo raft down the river in October.

Ever slept in a treehouse? What about one high above the jungle canopy, with only rare gibbons as neighbors? Trade in the noise of the city for the sounds of birdsong.

Find out why Mike Horn, the world’s greatest modern-day explorer, and his family love Laos:

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