We Lao people are proud of our culture and we love to celebrate it through what we wear, make, do and eat.

While globalisation and mass consumerism have diluted the cultural richness in so much of the rest of the region, we still live true to the authentic ways of our forefathers.


Artisans & Handicrafts

Laos is admired for our authentic, in-the-moment lifestyle now so lacking in much of the rest of the world. While citizens of the fastest First World cities dream of easing the pace, and fashion and style tastes are now promoting a return to individually crafted, artisanal products, we never lost these.

The luxury of time is what Laos can still offer: sumptuous products made with time and local know-how. Once-off pieces. Unique. Crafted slowly. 

Ethnic diversity

Laos is a country with great ethnic diversity: It includes 49 ethnic groups speaking over 90 native languages.

Each ethnic group is usually recognised by their distinctive dress, as well as variations in their handicrafts – with patterns and designs passed down through generations.

Food & Flavours

Laos food is vibrant, colorful, packed with herbs and chilies, and the combinations of ingredients are guaranteed to thrill your taste-buds.

Laap – or meat salad, jaew – any kind of dipping sauce, usually with chillies, sticky rice is a must, tam – not your normal papaya salad, and khao jee pa-tay or french inspired baguettes… go ahead and explore.

Laotian food makes extreme use of fresh natural herbs, and when it comes to protein, doesn’t shy away from eating nose to tail – everything from bile to rumen.

Discover and enjoy the glorious cuisine of Laos!

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