Laos, United Nations Strengthen Cooperation Framework for Sustainable Development

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UN Coordinator’s Office in Laos organized a high-level meeting of the Joint Steering Committee to revise the cooperation framework for sustainable development between the Lao government and the United Nations (UN) on Monday in Vientiane Capital.

According to Paxason, the purpose of the Joint Steering Committee meeting was to discuss and approve the official progress report of the cooperation framework between the Lao government and the UN Organization for Sustainable Development (UNSCDF) for 2022.

Additionally, the meeting aimed to present the joint work plan for 2023 and review tasks already implemented during this year. Another key agenda item was to discuss preparations for the Lao delegation to participate in the upcoming UN summit in New York that will be held in September.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Phoxay Thikhamphithun emphasized the importance of the cooperation framework mechanism at the event saying that it serves as a platform for the Joint Steering Committee to discuss activities and challenges under the four main goals of the UNSDCF 2022-2026, namely: Good standard of living and Comprehensive prosperity, State administration, management and rule by law, Environment and climate change, and building resilience.

The Committee also monitors sub-cooperation programs between the government sector and the UN network organization, supporting the implementation of the 9th 5-year national economic-social development plan and shaping future activities to align with the development situation in Laos.

The outcomes of the meeting will guide the continued implementation of the cooperation framework between the Lao government and the United Nations.


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